1. Rent Earth Moving Machines.

2. Construction of Play Grounds and Sport Fields

3. Survey and Mapping

4.Total Ground Preperation Contract for

i. Construction

ii. Agriculture

6. Land Slides remadiation works

7. Land Scapes Design and Preperation

8. Construction of Drainge Networks

9. Construction of Water Bodies & Canals

10.Preperation of Land for Land Sale (Specially for Land Sale Companies)

11.Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants

12.Construction of Sanitary Land Fills and Biogas Plants

Special Free Offers for Our Coustermers

*For every land clearing work, FREE SURVEY PLAN can be provided.

*For every agricultural land preperation, FREE CONTOUR PLAN Can be provied with the survey plan.

*Ground preperation for construction works is done using our comapany staff according to the client requirement for NORMAL MACHINE RATES. (Hours should more than 300)>

*For land sales - Topographic Survey, Land Subdivision according to the client requrement follwing planning laws & Regulations and can be provied certified survey plans by survior & Town Planner FREE OF CHARGE.

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